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How Saving on Commissions could cost you!

There are some agents that offer discounts on their commission. This can be a deciding factor for sellers in choosing an agent. But if you take a closer look at the real factors then it might not be in your best intrests to choose the cheapest agent, here's some reasons why.

1. Negotiations. If a discount agent saves you $2,000 on commissions but sells your house for $10,000 less than another agent then you just lost out on $8,000!  

Make sure your agent is a master at negotiating! Our stats average getting sellers getting 99.1% of there asking price! The average agent averages 96%

2. Integrity. This is a must for every seller to look at when choosing an agent. Weather your interviewing a discount agent or not, if they do not have integrity then this can also cost you a ton of money! The most common we see in our industry is an agent that does not have the guts to tell you the real price your home will sell at and instead takes your listing at a higher price knowing it will never sell and hopes to get new buyers to call of your sign in your yard. In this changing market, it could cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars if you list at the wrong price. And by the time you meet the right agent to tell you the truth your home may have lost value.


3. Marketing. There are 3 main factors in selling your home. 1. The condition (how it shows) 2. The price you set.  And 3. the marketing your individual agent does. 

Find and compare marketing plans between agents, because it makes a big difference! Troy and Justin have proven time and again that their marketing plan will get almost double the exposure as the average agent. 

For more detail on any of these topics, just send us an email or give us a call for more information.

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